Carpooling 31 – Kristopher Lloyd and Waz Life

Ep 31 of the Carpooling Podcast. This episode replaces Derek P. with Kristopher’s old friend Nathan “Waz Life” Wasmund. The boys sit down in an echo room (hotel) and Car Chill. They discuss:
– Waz living in hotels
– Waz tells a story about Oshawa
– Getting Cat fished
– Waz’s old Xbox one
– Super Soccer/ Super Dodge Ball
– Excite bike map editor
– Kris’ 1ms tv
– Out favorite FPS games
– Xbox’s E3
– Rachel Dolezal
– Leonardo DiCaprio
– Rod Corddry
– Rotten Tomatoes
– Robo Cop remake
– Total Recall
– Waz tells a story about filmmaking
– Addict update “Finished”
– Kickstarter for Kris’ “Poutine Doc”
– The documentary “Nintendo Quest”
– Poutine
– Kris wedding he filmed where they served Poutine
– How Waz got into retro collecting
– Not being a reseller
– Retro stories
– Startropics
– River City Ransom and Double Dragon new movie?
– The most prize possession in Waz’s collection
– Angry Video Game Nerd
– Waz and Kris’ favorite RPG of all time