Carpooling 28 – Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 28 of The Carpooling Podcast. In this episode the boys discuss:
– Cops
– Canadian Tire money
–  The boys mice problem
– The lady who used pizza to save her life
– Dash cams
– Kris watched an accident
– D tells a traffic story
– Car insurance and D getting ripped off
– Kris updates his vasectomy
– The boys celebrate the 27th ep
– Elder Scrolls Online
– The Witcher 3
– The Atari game of rape
– Dry Spell in Toronto at the moment
– We get caught looking at girls in the car next to us
– Jehovah Witnesses
– Football scrums
– Henry Hill and his rape/ porno
– Outy belly buttons
– The Jewish boys who got herpes from Rabbis
– Epidural
– Kris plays Halo with his older brother
– Halo tips
-Elder Scrolls looks like WoW
– Gaming on a smaller TV