Carpooling 27- Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

EP 27 of The Carpooling Podcast. Kristopher and Derek discuss:
– A story involving The Matrix
– D’s life with his parents, and weed
– Kris’ life as a rebel
– Cheese tea biscuits
– Porno
– Searching for a famous male performer
– D and a gay porn story
– Peter North
– Kris’ bad eye
– Lupis
– Prostate exams
– Kris tells a butt story
– D’s grandpa’s junk
– D getting free stuff through infomercials
– D fucking with a TV show
– What we did without internet
– Kris tells a story about a hgih school fight
– D has a weak nose
– D explains a college fight
– Derek hit on by a gay man
– Kris’s high school night with his old friends
– Rant about weird spelling names
– Dudes paying child support for kids not their own
– Bell trying to screw Kris