Carpooling 24 – Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 24 of the Carpooling Podcast. Kristopher and Derek discuss:
– Chicken Pox
– Lice
– Scary Movie and The Waynes Brothers
– Minority Report
– Game of Thrones leak
– Derek thinks their is no harm in pirating
– The Wire
– To Catch a Predator
– People with disabilities getting prostitutes from the government
– Drugs
– The car we record in
– Lighting a fire with only a gum pack and a battery
– Fraternity that rapes pledges
– White people messing with friends sleeping
– D’s friend pissing the bed
– Kris tells a high school story
– Kris’ day at work
– Meme’s
– HOV lanes
– Old people driving
– The Stick of Truth
– Neverwinter
– Our most embarrassing moments
– Kris tells more tales