Carpooling 20 – Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 20 of the Carpooling Podcast. Kristopher and Derek discuss:
– Updates on Kris’ current film projects
– Mallrats 2, and Kevin Smith
– Florida and pain pills
– My strange addictions and gasoline drinking
– A man that D knows who shot a person
-Native Canadians having different laws
– Being a cop in The Northwest Territories
– Living in N.W.T.
– Esport tournaments
– Evo 2004 Daigo vs Justin Wong
– Sponsorship
– Gears of Wars
– MCC/ Halo
– Mos Def’s wife
– Stealing from stores
– D buying condoms as a teen
– Flavor condoms
– Kris’ teen techniques
– magnum sized condoms
– Elephants
– Kris explains swingers and their culture