Carpooling 19 – Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 19 of the Carpooling Podcast. In this Episode Kristopher and D man discuss:
– An update on Kris’ wiener
– What happened to McDonald’s Mascots
– D skipping out on collectors
– D still living in the early 2000’s with his cellphone
– Clash of Clans and how to play it
– Kris only enjoys Xbox
– Kris and D get in first on air dispute! Discussing why people need sleep.
– Zoolander 2
– When to wear ties
– Interviews for jobs
– Kris’ Walmart Interviews
– Working with kids
– Building houses in a 3rd world, and D’s cousin
– Bachelor parties
– Stripper tatics
– Strip clubs
– Rub n Tugs
– Paying people to do stuff
– The new service “Magic”