Carpooling 18 – Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 18 of the Carpooling podcast. In this episode Kristopher tells the Odyssey of his recent Vasectomy, and explains in detail what it was like. So anyone thinking about or is getting one in the near future listen to what it in tales. Also,
– Kidney Stones
– Mountain Dew
– Idiots on Highways
– D tells another story
– Snow Tires
– The dudes who made a tunnel in the GTA
– Lost
– Prison (Derek knows a bunch)
– Scared Straight the TV show
– The Wire and Sons of Anarchy
– Buying a Hell’s Angels jacket
– Montreal
– Red Lobster
– Costco deals
– Bow and Arrows
-Free Range chickens
– D’s friend eating a dog burger
– Kris getting paid by the government of Canada for a physical
– Jury Duty