67 | Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train

Ep 67 of the Carpooling Podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train discuss:

– discuss splitting the episode in two parts

– Actors

– Samurai Cop the movie

– Troma movies

– Meth heads

– Breaking Bad goodness

– Netflix cracking down on VPN, and DS codes

– Kris has a problem with Shomi and Crave TV

– Kris explains frame rates, and smart tvs, and Soap Opera Effects

– Kanye asking Zuckerberg for money through Twitter

– Derek doesn’t like the look of a bush in a tree

– Cops wearing weird pants

– Flashing badges

– Training Day the movie

– Sinister movie/ Ethan Hawke

– Kris cries at the end of Captain Philips every time

– Liam Neeson

– Method Acting

– Copyright infringing

– Kesha