66 | Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train

Ep 66 of the Carpooling podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train discuss:

– Derek asks about Kris’ Retro Collecting series

– The boys discuss video game collecting for a while

– A person doing a study about raising prices of games on the internet

– Kris playing Monster Party

– the conclusion to the WWF legal fights the boys have been arguing about

– Ronda Rousey suicidal after loss

– Amy Schumer joke stealing

– How expensive stuff is in Alberta

– Working in the oil

– Updates on a purchase that D made

– Buying beer at the Superstore in Newmarket

– Derek is weird out with people only buying a beer at a time

– users winning the battle over cabs

– Kris teaches the listeners about reddit (kinda)

– Wyclef Jean stealing money

– Mos Def retiring

– Hulk Hogan