64 | Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train

Ep 63 of the carpooling podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train discuss:

– Kris was scared of Derek’s ride

– Ways to archive shit if the world ends

– Kris finds something gross in Derek’s car

– Test with coffee and liver disease

– Gaining muscle/ Pumping Iron film

– Holding a grudge

– Derek drops some bro science

– X-Files

– Getting a parking ticket

– We argue about Popeye’s Chicken and Popeye’s Supplement for a while

– Buying supplements from expensive stores

– steroids back when they were legal

– airport security grabbing peoples junk

– Kris updates everyone on the Retro Collecting Series

– Derek talks about NES videos

– Kris tells a story about going to Fan Expo

– Collecting trading cards