62 | Kristopher Lloyd and Nathan “WazLife” Wasmund

Ep 62 of the Carpooling podcast. In this episode Derek is replaced by Nathan WAZLIFE Wasmund and him and Kristopher discuss:

– Kris has a weird dream

– Kris has a new toy to use with the show him and Nathan are playing

– Discussing show master soundboard

– Was talks about Destiny

– Fallout 3 karma achievement exploits

– Nathans opinon on Fallout 4

– Updates on Kristopher’s projects

– Workaholics

– Mario Bros the movie

– Classified the rapper

– Women using live cams

– King of the Hill

– Breaking Bad theory where Hank is still alive

– Star Was Force Awakens thoughts about Rey

– Jake Lloyd Anakin from Star Wars EP1


Nathan and Kristopher are working out problems for a new podcast. This episode is testing out the settings on Skype. I will be releasing these episodes under carpooling for now until the new feed is ready, and we iron out the kinks. The next one will have more of a structure. Again this one was testing out the Skype. And Derek and Kris will still be releasing episodes.