61 | Kristopher Lloyd and D-Train (Derek P.)

Ep 61 of the carpooling podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and D train sit down and chat about:
– Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
– Kris asks about Fallout 4
– How to boost the Karma in Fallout 3
– D tells a story about his friend
– tugging on a airplane
– Kris tells a story from when he was in Germany
– Pilots having different training when flying
– Mos Def being arrested
-having special drivers license to get into the states without passport
– Thanks to Wazlife for his commercial
– D’s car engine light came on
– Kris and Derek possibly being brothers
– Kris drops some science
– Kris talks about some of his travels from around the world
– D scared about travelling to resorts
– D’s scariest travel story
– The boys swap times when they were travelling