59 | Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 59 of the Carpooling podcast. In this episode Kristopher and Derek discuss:
-Foreskins in 2016
– Bieber and picking up ladies
– Kardashian’s making up stories to stay in the news? Theory?
– Jaden Smith face of Louis Vuitton women
– People not going to see Hateful Eight
– Doomsday the movie
– Heath Ledger and when he became a top notch actor
– Dodge Caravan’s brakes are notorious for eating through pads and rotors
– Kris’ brother has bad experience at Canadian Tire Auto
– Mechanics are on commission base now? we think.
– Sober Derek? New Year new Derek
– new guidelines for food and red wine is recommended daily
– Canada’s shitty dollar ATM
– Selling stuff on the internet
– D wants a new couch
– Porn in the days before the internet
– Buuba Ho-Tep the movie
– Kris not remember movies he seen as a young boy
– Derek says the Ridiculous six is one of the most watched movies on Netflix