52 | Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 52 of the Carpooling Podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P. discuss:
– D having a dilemma
– Charlie Sheen HIV Positive
– Deep discussion on STDs
– Kris thinks he is immune to STDs
– Kris corrects himself about Platoon
– We speak about #AllMyMovies
– River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix
– D not seeing Indiana Jones
– Robert Crumb
– Chasing Amy
– Jared Subway Guy
– What is the age of consent
– D’s cousin is huge
– Star Wars The force Awakens
– Playboy removing nudity
– Car accidents while we are recording
– Butt chugs
– Stupid people on planes
– D’s experience at his grandma’s funeral
– Coming back to life after dying
– Kris tells an alien story
– Humans and monkey’s (apes) breeding
– Transgender fighting in MMA
– Man with penis implants
– Legalizing weed in Canada, and the rules