50 | Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P. (1 Year Anniversary)

Ep 50 and 1 year anniversary of the Carpooling Podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P. discuss:
– Kris is dumb sometimes
– Why Price is Right rules are standard
– Steve Harvey super Christian
– Kris is going to hell for not being able to procreate
– Having babies after your first kids have moved out
– Derek gets Kris started on aliens again
– D’s birthday and he is hungry
– Pre made poutine that is frozen
– Kris’ fav poutine
– The tables turn on Halo; Derek plays it
– Driving with expired stickers
– The Exorcist; scariest movie experience of Kris’ life
– It Follows
– Netflix ratings is bogus
– Louis Theroux doc on Jimmy Savile; Max Clifford
– Kris explains something that happened to him
– Barton Mansion Ghost video
– Kris’ father guards shoots up while on vacation
– D’s friends was a mystery shopper
– What are laws for life in prison
– Sam Jackson needed for all Tarantino films?
and thanks for helping us get to 50 episodes!