42| Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 42 of the Carpooling Podcast. In thisĀ  episode Kristopher and Derek discuss:
– What comes after D cups
– An interesting story the boys encountered one night
– D vacation problems
– Kris has a gym story/problem
– Do handjobs require certain technique?
– Guy with two wieners
– old school movie theaters (arcades)
– Commercials in our show
– Old man chirping the boys
– The kid who died and father caries him out
– Twitching
– Kris tells a story about driving a Genesis coupe
– Kris’ brother and Derek had their foots ran over
– Bad old folks homes
– Guards in jail
– D’s friend who went to jail with a pedo
– Why coffee houses coffee tastes so much better
– Kris chirps Derek’s car