37 | Kristopher Lloyd and Kelly McCann

Ep 37 of the Carpooling Podcast. In this episode Kristopher Lloyd sits down with his long time friend and almost brother Kelly McCann. McCann is a car salesman for a Hyundai dealership. The boys are also joined by Kelly’s little brother in the back seat. The boys discuss:
– A incident Kris talked about on a past episode is cleared up with Kelly
– Kelly’s new way to rate women
– McCann is gonna be a dad soon
– DUI and traveling the world
– Kelly’s adopted son
– Froggy Fresh; Tyler Cassidy
– MCA’s death and how it affected us
– Robin Williams; Cadillac Man
– Kevin Smith movies
– Snowboarding
– Why Kelly’s high school career was ruined by a professional
– high school prom; formal
– Kris tells a story that could of changed his life for the worst