33 | Kristopher Lloyd and Derek P.

Ep 33 of the Carpooling Podcast. In this episode Kristopher and Derek discuss:
– Watches; pocket and arm
– Pulp Fiction
– Update on D’s Xbox One
– Elder Scrolls Online
– D buying his girlfriends love
– Pan Am games
– Roar the movie
– Nutella
– Youtube channel Cinefix
– Easter eggs in films
– Reddit having problems; CEO
– Google ranking, and buying twitter follwers
– Kris goes left wing with ghosts and aliens
– Nasa cuts live feed of moon
– Cars heat cools down overheating car
– Kris at Pepsi
– Kris squatting 270 lbs
– Working out
– Kris’ update on his vasectomy
– Kris remembers something from grade 1
– Kris’ kids in summer school?
– Henry Winkler The Fonz sex ed video
– Freon and cats
– People attempting suicide