ADDICT | Short Film


Addict” is a short film that I wrote and directed in the winter of 2014.
The film follows Donald for a day while he comes to terms with his addiction.


I shot the film with my cousin Michael Mellon as the lead character. He did a great job. The other actors and actress are
Nathan Lloyd – ┬áThe first person to give Donald money

Daniel Reid – Man who hides his cigarettes

Amanda Bimm – Women with sandwich

Andrew Fischer – Money Man

Shelley Nagora – Store clerk

With the exception of Shelley Nagora, I knew everyone in the film from high school or was related to me. I asked for a favour and got them to come out for an hour to film. Shelley was a friend of Michael’s who owned the store, and let us film for an hour or two in it.

The crew is pretty much everyone who acted in the film. Once they finished shooting they helped with audio, gripping, lighting, PAing, etc. They were a great crew I have to say. They followed me blindly the entire time. They never complained and they all said they had a fun time. I told them I would pay them if I ever made money from it. They all told me to put it to the next film. True friends and true filmmakers!

We shot the film in Pembroke Ontario in one day. Well the majority of it. I had a few pick ups in Toronto the following spring in 2015. Also the time lapses were filmed in the GTA. I wanted the film to seem like it took place somewhere in Toronto/ a bigger city, and I think it came out pretty good.

The film was accepted in a few film festivals last year, most were online festivals, and even one an audience award in TOFF. It was also accepted to a festival in India.

Please enjoy the film, and if you have any questions or want to know how I did anything please ask.